Odyssey TRX

New open source 16-bit HF DDC SDR Transceiver

New open source 16-bit HF DDC SDR Transceiver.

ODYSSEY in its simplest form is a high quality HF Receiver with low power RF output which can be used in Vector Network Analyzer mode.  You can add HF Power Amplifier Unit* and/or VHF Transverter Unit* to the main board at any time.

This device will be useful for both licensed radio amateurs and ordinary observers in various application scenarios.

ODYSSEY TRX is a modern device with excellent performance and wide range of applications. Since it is based on open source firmware and open communication protocol, ODISSEY has compatibility with many popular SDR programs and this number will increase in the future, because many users are supporting and improving this project.

*HF Power Amplifier Unit and VHF Transverter Unit will be presented later.