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Firmware with support the old openHPSDR protocol for Odyssey-2.

This firmware is essentially a simple firmware for the Angelia board, ported to Odyssey.


The version of the original firmware is 5.9, the latest at this moment, author — K5SO Joe Martin.

The usual old openHPSDR protocol is supported, which means that the usual programs like PowerSDR mrx and CuSDR will work.

The work of 7 independent receivers is supported simultaneously. They can be opened in CuSDR or used in Skimmer Server.

In the PowerSDR mrx program, you can use the so-called «gluing mode», where 3 receivers work simultaneously to indicate a wider panadapter.

VNA mode is also available when working with this firmware and with the Hermes VNA and HAM VNA programs.

The assignment of the outputs of the control connector is completely the same as for the previous firmwares except for one: when the Apollo control options are enabled in the PowerSDR settings, the last three pins of the connector continue a series of user-assignable lines — UO4, UO5, UO6. Thus, all 7 existing control lines can be accessed by the user.

In the Apollo control mode, the TUNE output for controlling the auto tuner also works.

The firmware got the Odyssey_2_1.00_AOP_100 index, which means its operation in networks only in the 100Mbit mode. Some network cards can turn on a 1Gigabit mode. To solve this problem, it is necessary to set the required mode to 100Mbit in the settings of the network card.

Download this firmware …

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